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We are the Cancino Family! 🙂  We are a family that loves having funThe Cancino Family and spending time together.  My name is Jason, I’m the dad.  I am married to a wonderful and beautiful woman, Mandy.  We have two fun loving boys, Hunter who is 4, and Connor who is 2.

About a year ago, Mandy and I were trying to decide what would be just an awesome, home run, out of the park, type of gift for my oldest son Hunter. Hunter is a lover of all things trains, trucks, and especially tractors!

We bought him the Peg Perego John Deere Tractor with Trailer and it was a hit! Hunter was ecstatic, jumping up and down with pure joy in his eyes!  We knew we had made the right decision.

Since then, we have bought many more electric cars for our kids and the neighborhood has joined in.  Now that our youngest, Connor, is 2, we recently bought him his own Moderno Kids Jeep Wrangler Raptor (WITH REMOTE CONTROL, HOW COOL IS THAT) and he is loving it!

Many days our yard is filled with 6-8 kids ranging from 2 years old to 11 years old and they all come over with their vehicles ready to ride and GO, GO, GO!

Our goal on this website is to give you a first hand look from a kids point of view on how high on the FUN METER each electric car goes, but also how high on the VALUE METER, from a parents perspective.

Mandy and I remember, oh too well, how much time we spent reveiwing and researching, making sure we were making the right decision and getting our best bang for our buck.

As a family, we want to make sure that when you are ready to make that purchase for your family, you are comfortable and confident in doing so…..so that when you get your electric cars for your kids, they can GO, GO, GO!

To Family and Fun,

Jason, Mandy, Hunter & Connor



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