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Introduction to Power Wheels

When I first started looking for electric cars for my own kids, the first name that came to mind was Power Wheels.  I remember having a hand me down Power Wheels Big Foot.  It only lasted for a short time, but I remember having a blast!Power Wheels




Power Wheels goes all the way back to 1984.  At that time the battery powered toy line didn’t have a “name” yet.  It wasn’t until 1986 when the owners, Kransco, officially named the line, Power Wheels.  Alhtough it is now owned by Fisher-Price, the official name has gone unchanged. (wikipedia)



The advantage with companies like Power Wheels and Peg Perego is that they have been around for so long, they are well established, have warranties, and they either provide replacement parts themselves or have a third party that provides them.

Take a look at the Power Wheels with Fisher-Price website.  Compare that to the Moderno Kids website, and you will see why I really like to go with a well established, brand name here.

In Conclusion

If I am going to spend a couple hundred bucks, I want to make sure my electric car will has a warranty and replacement parts accessible because I will be keeping it for years to come.

I have purchased a Power Wheel myself and will continue to look to them as one of the top brands when it comes to purchasing my electric cars for my kids.

If you have any questions or have experience with a Power Wheel yourself, please comment below, it is greatly appreciated.


To Family and Fun,

Jason, Mandy, Hunter, & Connor


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