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RollPlay Review- A Quality Competitor

Introduction to RollPlay

Based on my research, it appears that the Brand RollPlay was created in 2013 from a company called Aria Child Inc., whose parent company is Goodbaby.  I mention this because Goodbaby is a very known, strong company globally, especially in the baby strollers department.RollPlay Logo

Goodbaby was established back in 1989.  It’s good to know where a company gets its origins because one can better evaluate what type of product they are getting, when they know where it comes from.

Talk to Me About Replacement Parts

What I like about RollPlay is that, if for some reason your kids battery operated car breaks down due to wear and tear, you can easily order a replacement part.

The above link goes directly to their replacement parts page.  It is very easy to search for the vehicle you purchased and the part you are looking for.  This allows your investment to go further and your kid will be back to having fun in no time.

Does RollyPlay Offer Any Warranty?

RollPlay does offer a 6-month battery warranty and a 1-year warranty on most of their vehicles.  The warranty was a little harder to uncover.  It is found under their FAQs page.  It’s not a Peg Perego type of warranty, but it’s better than Moderno Kids, who offer none.

Tell Me About RollPlay’s Customer Support?

I have not called them personally, so I can state whether their customer support is good or bad.  They do have a “Contact Us” page, which allows you to email them with any questions, and they also provide their email address and phone number on their FAQs page as well.

RollPlay Customer Support Email:
RollPlay Customer Support Phone: 1-888-982-9309

In Conclusion


All in all, I believe RollPlay to be a good quality company that provides a good quality product.  I have personally owned a RollPlay Mini Cooper and it provided my boys a lot of fun.

When you can have a good product backed with a good warranty, easily to find replacment parts, and an easily accessible customer support department, that’s a win-win in my book.


If you have any questions or if you have owned an electric car for your kids by RollPlay, please comment below and share your experience, it is greatly appreciated.


To Family and Fun,

Jason, Mandy, Hunter, & Connor


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